10 Largest Window Pistol Red Dots (2023)

By Joe Kriz


Red dot optics have revolutionized the way shooters engage their targets, but not all dot sights are created equal. For professionals, competitive shooters, hunters, and casual range goers seeking a wider field of view for faster target acquisition and transitions, bigger is often better. To aid in that quest, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 largest window pistol red dots currently on the market.

Ranked largest to smallest by window width, dimensions were provided by manufacturer specifications or taken using calipers, with some numbers rounded to simplify decimal measurements. To qualify for the top 10, width dimensions were required to be a minimum of 25mm (0.98”) with a height greater than or equal to 20mm (0.79”). Angular measurements, taken “corner to corner,” are provided for optics when noted by the manufacturer.

Only dot sight optics capable of mounting directly to a handgun slide or with the use of a non-Picatinny adapter plate were considered.

Largest Window Pistol Red Dots

1. Shield RMSx

Window Dimensions: 34mm (W) x 22mm (H)

Released in 2022, the Shield Sights RMSx is currently the largest window pistol red dot on the market with a 34mm wide objective lens – 80% larger than the previous RMS optic. Despite its massive window, the RMSx maintains the smaller RMSc footprint, optimizing viewing potential for slimline and micro compact carry guns. The Shield RMSx is available in nine body colors to match any custom build with the choice of a 4 MOA or 8 MOA red dot.


Window Dimensions: 32mm (W) x 24mm (H) / 35mm (Angular)

The first of three SIG Sauer optics on this list, the ROMEO3XL has the largest window of the trio, showcasing a wide 35mm angular field of view for primary and offset use across handguns, modern sporting rifles, and shotguns. Fit with the C-More RTS mounting standard, the second-ranked red dot offers the choice of a red 3 MOA or 6 MOA dot and manual illumination control with 12 brightness settings, powered by a side-loaded CR2032 battery.


Window Dimensions: 30mm (W) x 24mm (H) / 30mm (Angular)

Developed in collaboration with Team SIG Captain, Max Michel, the SIG Sauer ROMEO3MAX is nearly identical in specs to the ROMEO3XL except its 2mm smaller width window. Measuring 30mm from corner to corner, the compact, competition MAX version is also built on the C-More RTS standard footprint and available in a red-only 3 MOA or 6 MOA dot. SIG’s Motion Activated Illumination System powers up the optic when in use and powers down in between stages.

4. Bushnell RXM-300

Window Dimensions: 28mm (W) x 24mm (H)

Designed in coordination with 8-time Open World Speed Shooting champion, KC Eusebio, the Bushnell RXM-300 and its 28mm wide window comes in fourth on the list of largest pistol dots. An EXO Barrier hydrophobic coating sheds water and debris for a crisp, clear view of its 4 MOA red dot reticle, illuminated by 12 brightness settings for shooting in any light condition. Speed Holes in the optic hood are primarily designed to crumple to protect the lens from impacts.

5. Swampfox Justice II

Window Dimensions: 28mm (W) x 23mm (H) / 30mm (Angular)

Designed to compete for match wins, the second-generation Swampfox Justice II is our largest window pistol dot sight yet. Measuring 30mm corner to corner, its fully muti-coated lens is recessed for protection against barriers and the challenges of competition. Built with an RMR footprint and 6 MOA dot or new 4-in-1 multi-reticle with 10 brightness settings and Shake N’ Wake auto on/off technology, Justice II is the big brother to Liberty II and the largest window pistol dot offered in green illumination and with a multi-reticle.

Shop Swampfox Justice II

6. Holosun HS507COMP

Window Dimensions: 28mm (W) x 22mm (H)

The first Holosun optic to implement its new Competition Reticle System (CRS), the HS507COMP window measures roughly 1mm smaller overall than the Swampfox Justice II for sixth on the list. Also offered in red and green illumination, the CRS multi-reticle includes four components, including a precision 2 MOA dot and three open circles, measuring 8 MOA, 20 MOA circle, and 32 MOA circle, with multiple combination settings to suit your preference.

7. Gideon Omega

Window Dimensions: 27mm (W) x 22mm (H)

Though similar in body design to the Trijicon SRO, the Gideon Omega measures larger with its mega 27mm wide window. Designed to fit RMR footprint handgun slides and adapter plates, the Omega and its red or green 3 MOA dot or circle dot reticle options offer shooters speed and precision. The optic also includes battery-saving shake awake technology and 10 manually adjusted brightness settings for anytime readiness in competition and beyond.

8. C-More RTS2B V5

Window Dimensions: 26mm (W) x 22mm (H)

With a large 26mm wide window, see more with the proven C-More RTS2B V5. Winner of the IPSC World Championship, USPSA National Championship, and others, the latest RTS2 iteration is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum with shake-to-awake Motion Sensing System for better durability and longer run time. Competitors have the choice of a center red dot in five sizes: 3 MOA, 6 MOA, 8 MOA, 10 MOA, and 12 MOA.

9. SIG Sauer ROMEOZero-Pro

Window Dimensions: 26mm (W) x 20mm (H) / 30mm (Angular)

The third SIG Sauer reflex sight to make the list, the ROMEOZero-Pro offers the same lightweight design as the ROMEOZero, now for full-size pistols. Protected in a reinforced carbon-infused polymer housing, the 30mm angular aspherical lens is scratch-resistant and distortion-free for a clear sight picture atop all ROMEO1 Pro optics-ready pistols. The ROMEOZero-PRO is available with a 3 MOA red dot or red circle dot reticle.

10. Trijicon SRO

Window Dimensions: 25mm (W) x 22.5mm (H)

An acronym for Specialized Reflex Optic, the Trijicon SRO rounds out our list of the top-10 largest window pistol dots. The first to use a circular optic window, the 25mm x 22.5mm lens offers an unobstructed view of a crisp 3 MOA or 6 MOA red dot for improved accuracy in competition and target-shooting applications. Every SRO features both manual and automatic LED brightness modes with eight brightness settings and mounts using the RMR footprint.

Best of the Rest

While we had to draw the line somewhere for this list, there were several other optics whose height dimensions just barely missed the cut. Below are the next five largest window pistol dot sights currently on the market:

11. Burris Fastfire 4: 29mm (W) x 19mm (H)

12. SIG Sauer ROMEO1PRO: 28mm (W) x 18 mm (H) / 30mm (Angular)

13. Gideon Alpha: 27mm (W) x 17.5mm (H)

14. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro: 26mm (W) x 17.5mm (H)

15. Vortex Venom: 26mm (W) x 16mm (H)

Of course, these rankings aren’t perfect or all-encompassing. With new manufacturers regularly entering the market and new optics released each year, keeping up with every brand and model is nearly impossible. Still, we believe this list does a fine job representing the current selection of largest window pistol red and green dots available for shooters looking to gain an edge in competition or simply wanting to maximize their field of view on and off the range.

This article was last updated in December 2023.