4 New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

By Joe Kriz


A New Year means new resolutions. But rather than set overly ambitious and unrealistic goals and set yourself up for failure in 2024, we thought we’d make four resolutions any gun owner can accomplish. Because let’s be honest with ourselves, we’re not hitting the gym five days a week, reading books instead of scrolling our phones before bed, or giving up late night snacks. We know who we are.

Here are our four New Year’s resolutions for 2024:

New Year’s Resolutions

Change Your Optic Batteries

If you don’t already have your firearm optics on a regular schedule, the first of the year is a great time to change batteries. Though high-quality batteries, efficient LED emitters, and modern electronics are often able to extend practical battery life beyond one year (or even two), it’s recommended batteries be changed annually to prevent failure. Depending on battery type, brightness setting, and frequency of use, batteries may need to be changed more often. Just don’t forget to re-zero/confirm zero after changing batteries, especially on bottom-load optics.

Quick Tip: Buy batteries in bulk or multi-packs to ensure you always have backups on hand. Using a Sharpie, note the month and year in which batteries were purchased on the packaging/battery itself to ensure first in, first out rotation. When unused and properly stored, CR1632/2032 batteries have a 10-year shelf life.

Clean Your Guns

When done changing the batteries in your optics, turn your attention to the guns themselves. After all, your optic is no good if the gun it's mounted to doesn’t function properly. Break guns down beyond a basic field strip to clean, lubricate, and inspect parts for carbon build up, copper fouling, and normal or unusual wear. Don’t forget to check the exterior of guns for surface rust, scratches, and loose hardware – including your safe queens. Optics should also be cleaned, using lens cleaner/dish soap and water and a microfiber cloth to keep lenses clear for performance clarity.

Quick Tip: If you don’t enjoy cleaning guns yourself or have too many to clean, consider dropping them off at your local gunsmith. Use this as an opportunity to get a deep(er) clean or additional work done, like slide milling, blueing, or custom Cerakote.

Get Yours Eyes Checked

You can’t shoot what you can’t see. Even if you don’t currently wear glasses or contacts in your daily life, those aged 19-64 should see an optometrist every two years for an eye exam with those 65 and older on an annual basis. Not only can eye diseases develop with age, but identifying and understanding common eye conditions and disorders, like astigmatism and color blindness/deficiency, can help gun owners shoot better and make more educated decisions when purchasing optics. Those with existing prescriptions should get examined to confirm or update existing lenses to maintain vision.

Quick Tip: If you shoot with everyday glasses, consider getting prescription shooting glasses. Not only are they ballistic rated for better protection on the firing line, but can be customized to meet your shooting vision needs with sport frames and colored lenses. Get prescription shooting glasses/lenses from our friends at Tactical RX, or talk to a local optician about your options.

Go to the Range More

Now that your guns and optics are in working order, it’s time to hit the range. Whether you plink indoors or outside, at a local facility or on your own property, make a point to hit the range more this year. Shooting is a perishable skill, meaning you’ll notice a decrease in performance if not done regularly – so don’t lose your hard earned gains. Routine range time is especially important for those who conceal carry. And while mag dumping into a backstop or trash pile can be fun, get the most out of your ammo and time with holster work and predetermined drills.

Quick Tip: Consider picking a day of the week/month to shoot and sticking to a schedule, turning range time into a social outing with family or friends, or entering bowling pins, USPSA, or 3-Gun competitions to further test your skills. Buying new guns and optics are also always good excuses to send lead down range.

If you do just these four things in 2024, consider this year a success. Here’s to a great New Year on and off the range!