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Your point of impact will be accurate to your point of aim, shot after shot.


Optics as tough as you, battle after battle. Built to withstand 800 G forces, your optic will never be your weak link.


Come rain, snow, sand, bitter cold or extreme heat, and in the darkest or brightest conditions, never get your ass kicked by an optics failure again.


Crisp, clear, flat and big target images will increase your strike-fast capability, from target acquisition through trigger pull.


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Our Pledge

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Swampfox optics come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing protection against manufacturing and material defects.

Money Back Guarantee

If you buy from our website and are not happy for any reason, return the optic within 30 days for a full money-back guarantee.


Prior to or post purchase, reach out to us for advice and support. We’re here to assist via phone, email, our online Q&A tool, and knowledge base resources.