Gallery: Pew Shove-It

By Swampfox Media


Shooting and skateboarding aren't all that different. Both sports rely on specialized, fine-tuned, and often highly-personalized tools. Both require regular training and practice to get better. And both can be done casually or competitively at the highest level.

Armed with a board and a few of our favorite guns, we combined both in a warehouse photoshoot featuring a cameo from one of our crew.

"I haven't skated for 25 years. I started skating in Germany back in 1990 when my dad was working with the military and skated all over Mannheim and Darmstadt until we moved to Texas in '95. I was even sponsored at one point. I was part of the Chrome Skate Shop team in Dallas and was sponsored by The Family Skateboard company, both long gone."

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