Join Swampfox on Reddit

By Joe Kriz


The firearms industry is a tightknit group. From the casual range goer to the safe stuffer, big game hunter to 3-Gun competitor, military veteran to active law enforcement officer, we’re all bonded by our mutual love of everything firearms and shooting. And now, Swampfox Optics customers can discuss, debate, and engage with each other on Reddit!

Join the dedicated r/Swampfox subreddit and share photos of your Swampfox-topped builds, ask members for firearm or optic recommendations, stay up to date on new products, and troubleshoot issues with other owners. And while the sub isn’t intended to replace our knowledgeable Customer Service team, we’re active every day and available to answer and redirect questions.

Whether you’re a long-time Swampfox owner, brand-new user, or prospective customer, join the growing Reddit militia and select your optic flair at