New Guns & Gear: December 2023

By Joe Kriz


There’s always something new in this industry, and just like you, we’re also consumers. From the latest everyday carry knives and competition guns to a new innovative handguard for pistol caliber carbines, we rounded up some of the best new products announced or launched this month.

See what new guns and gear from December 2023 caught the eye of our team, then check out what you may have missed last month.

New Guns & Gear

Walther PDP Match Polymer/Steel Frame

When Walther introduced the Performance Duty Pistol (PDP) in 2021, it was widely understood that it would replace the popular, but outdated PPQ. However, up until now, the competition-ready PPQ Q5 Match had remained one of the last remaining models. Soon to replace it, the PDP is now available in polymer and steel frame Match variants, featuring a 5” barrel, full size polymer/steel frame, flat-faced Dynamic Performance Trigger, and three 18-round magazines.

Cabot Insurrection

Known for producing some of the finest and most unique 1911 handguns every built, Cabot Guns announced their first doublestack pistol in the Insurrection. Chambered in 9mm, the black DLC coated or matte stainless Insurrection boasts U.S. steel construction with a hand-fit 5” match grade barrel, proprietary extractor, and rear sight ledge for RMR footprint optic mounting. But like all Cabots, its nearly $6,000 price tag and estimated 8-10 month lead time is not for everyone.

Flux Defense Raider X

Transforming a SIG Sauer P320 from handgun to compact PDW, the new Flux Defense Raider X was improved with feedback from special forces. Stronger, lighter, and faster than the original, the Raider X features more than a dozen reliability, ergonomic, and compatibility enhancements over the original design, including a single gate mold, enlarged magwell and suppressor cutouts, and grip panel texturing. It also pairs great with our own Raider 1x micro prism.

Type Zero Forward Charging Handguard

There’s something inherently fun about slapping the charging handle of an MP5, but it also minimizes movement for improved target focus. Now, a new company by the name of Type Zero has developed a Forward Charging Handguard system specifically for AR-style PCCs. Unlike similar options that require the purchase of a complete upper, the Type Zero only requires a new handguard. Simply swap yours out for a 5”, 7.5”, 10” or 15” forend, plug your charging handle, and slap away.

Silencer Central Banish Speed K

Like guns, suppressors are designed to meet different needs. The latest addition to Silencer Central’s Banish line, the new Banish Speed K was developed in partnership with Federal Premium Ammunition to deliver a low back pressure shooting experience in a durable and small package. Measuring just 4” long with a 2” diameter, the 5.56 can is constructed from Inconel and features a linear baffle system with straight venting for decibel reduction of 138.5 dB at a shooter’s ear.

Microtech Combat Troodon

A favorite among law enforcement, military, and first responders, the latest iteration of the Microtech Combat Troodon features an enhanced design with minimized branding. The Bohler M390MK steel OTF blade, effortlessly deployed from the 5.5” handle by a new drive train system, measures 4” long and 1/8” wide. Handle accents, body jimping, and an enhanced button pocket design aid ergos and reliability. The Microtech Hera II, Scarab II, Cypher, and LUDT were also all just announced.

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