Photos of the Year: 2023

By Swampfox Media


Here at Swampfox, we’re proud to have a talented media team of creatives who shoot, record, and model every photo, video, and 3D render of our optics. From our website and catalog to what you ‘like’ and watch on social media and YouTube, everything is created, produced, and edited in-house.

In an effort to show off some of their work from the past year, we rounded up 12 of our favorite photos of 2023 for our inaugural Photos of the Year gallery. If you follow us already, some of these may look familiar.

Photos of the Year

Starting off strong, the Hi-Power YEET Cannon G1 topped with our Liberator II dot sight – an unorthodox combination of a meme-inspired handgun and an AR-style rifle optic. Because YEET!

Modern meets classic. Here, our local Old Steel Historical Firearms memorabilia dealer set the scene for this M16A4 clone and Swampfox Blade 1x prism inside the cabin of a WWII military vehicle.

Built on a Foxtrot Mike MIKE-9 lower with Matador Arms MAT-9 upper and Swampfox Kraken on our Rebel Riser, this is one bull of a pistol caliber carbine we wouldn’t want to mess with.

It seems every day is a national holiday nowadays. When National Taco Day (October 4) came around, our team of Taco Bell regulars was prepared with their orders and our new Sentinel II.

Paying homage to its name, we hit the woods in full kit and a Daniel Defense for our Warhorse 1-6x FFP LPVO launch photo shoot earlier this fall. Who said larping isn’t fun or cool?

Speaking of fun and cool, attendees of our 2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Range Day put our new Warhorse to the test atop a Polaris-mounted full-auto M240 from the guys at Moeguns Tactical.

If only rifles built themselves. That was the idea behind this shot of a disassembled Dark Storm Industries Variant 1, the lower secured in a vice with the upper and Swampfox Trihawk 3x prism floating in wait.

When we say durable, we mean it. During our testing of the Raider 1x micro prism, we tried everything to break the optic – including setting it on fire. Only the battery cap was damaged.

ARs may get all the love, but we have our fair share of AKs in the Swampfox arsenal. This Kalashnikov USA and Samson Mfg. build is a red hot favorite when paired with a Liberator II.

We don’t take ourselves (or anything) too seriously. With a little Photoshop magic, we figuratively and literally stretched the truth of the new SIG Sauer MCX-SPEAR LT. Swipe on Instagram for the full effect.

In a similar vein, we couldn’t resist poking fun at the arm brace ruling earlier this year with this “proprietary” Milwaukee drill build. Length of pull is a little short, but Magpul drum mags fit surprisingly well.

Most recently, Flux Defense announced their updated Raider-X PDW chassis for the P320 – now with a more versatile optic mount. We heard you like Raiders, so we put a Raider on a Raider.

Of course, these are only a dozen of the hundreds of photos published and the thousands of photos taken by our team this year. To see even more content, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and read the latest articles on our blog, The Foxhole.