Raider Reticles: 6 MOA Dot vs. BRC

By Joe Kriz


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Built on the popular T-2 footprint with a 20mm objective lens, Swampfox Raider is a 1x magnification micro prism optic with adaptable mounting options and an expansive field of view. Complementing its multi-platform versatility are two glass-etched and illuminated reticles: a single 6 MOA dot, and a functional BRC. But which Raider reticle is right for you?

We breakdown the two reticles, why we chose a 6 MOA dot, and the benefits of using both.

Raider Reticles


6 MOA Dot

While a smaller reticle may seem like the more obvious choice, let us explain how we landed on a 6 MOA dot. Though similar to traditional rifle red dots (like Liberator II), micro prism optics excel over traditional dot sights in two key areas: reducing reliance on batteries and defeating astigmatism.

Both dots and prisms use battery-powered LEDs to illuminate reticles, but red dot reticles are projected onto a forward lens while prism reticles are etched onto internal glass. Without illumination, dot sights have no visible reticle; however, prisms can be used with and without illumination. Like riflescopes, their etched reticles appear black when not illuminated so long as there is ambient light. A smaller 1 MOA or 2 MOA etched dot would still be visible but would be noticeably harder to pick up without illumination compared to a 6 MOA, on top of being really small when aiming at longer targets (e.g., 1 MOA equals 1 inch at 100 yards).

As for astigmatism, we’ve previously covered the topic in detail but will summarize relevant points here. A deformation of the eye, astigmatism creates distorted vision. For shooters with astigmatism, red dot reticles may appear blurry, starburst, smeared, or clustered. It’s important to remember, though, that this distortion is only a perception of the eyes/brain and is not representative of the actual reticle.

One of the ways to effectively reduce the effects of astigmatism when shooting is to use a prism optic. This is because their etched reticles are filled with reflective material that focuses illumination, eliminating most distortion seen with projected reticles. Another method is to shoot with larger reticles, as smaller reticles are more susceptible to distortion, especially at higher brightness settings. A larger reticle is also inherently easier and faster for your eye to acquire when engaging close quarters and short-range targets – where Raider really shines.

Taking these factors into consideration, a single 6 MOA dot just made sense. Available in red or green illumination, Raider’s 6 MOA dot reticle is simple, quick, and caliber-agnostic for versatile mounting atop AR and AK-style firearms, pistol caliber carbines (PCCs), shotguns, and large-frame, optics-capable revolvers as a standalone optic, secondary offset, or with a magnifier.

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Bullet Rise Compensating (BRC)

For those seeking speed and precision, Raider’s Bullet Rise Compensating (BRC) reticle may be for you. Unlike the 6 MOA dot, the BRC offers .223 Rem/5.56 NATO shooters multiple reference points when shooting at short to mid-range distances.

Completely illuminated, the BRC reticle consists of a 102 MOA outer diameter, 270-degree horseshoe, center trident, and two stacked 6 MOA dots. These latter subtensions serve as holdovers to compensate for the “bullet rise” effect when shooting within your zero distance and the mechanical offset between the optic and the bore, referred to as height over bore. From the bottom dot up to the tip of the trident, shooters can quickly and accurately engage targets at 5, 10, 15, and 50/200 yards without guesswork or manual calculations. Of course, holds may vary depending on the platform and the projectile weight and velocity you’re shooting.

Also glass-etched for use with and without illumination, the Raider BRC reticle can be had in red or green with 10 brightness settings and Shake N’ Wake automatic on/off functionality for enhanced readiness and prolonged battery life.

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So, which Raider reticle is best? Ultimately, the choice is yours. Be sure to take into consideration what firearm/platform you’ll mount the micro prism optic to (i.e., caliber) and what distances you’ll regularly shoot at or ranging capability you desire.

Whichever reticle you decide, know your purchase is protected by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your chosen reticle style or illumination color within 30 days of delivery, simply return the optic and exchange it for another or a full refund. Plus – if you add our 1.93” height Outlaw Mount to your order, Raider ships for free!

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