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Recommended Optics for GunBroker’s Top Selling Guns of 2023

By Joe Kriz


As the largest online firearm marketplace, knows a thing or two about what guns consumers buy and has the data to prove it. Each month, GunBroker publishes reports of the Top 5 Best Selling Guns in each category sold on its site, cumulating with a final report detailing the top selling firearms of the year.

Recently, GunBroker published its rankings of the Top 25 Selling Guns of 2023, featuring handguns, rifles, and shotguns from 17 different manufacturers. Offering great insight into consumer trends, the data also provides context for market supply and demand of firearm accessories – like optics.

As firearm optics continue to gain popularity among all shooters, so do questions about which red dot, prism, LPVO, or precision riflescope is best for each platform and application. At Swampfox, we thought we’d assist gun owners in their search with optic recommendations for the most popular guns.

Below are our optic recommendations for the Top 10 Selling Guns of 2023 on

GunBroker lists guns by generic series, not specific model (e.g., Glock 19, not Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS). Ranked firearms may include multiple models spanning different calibers, generations, and SKUs. For simplicity of this blog, all guns are assumed optics-ready, whether from the manufacturer, milled by a gunsmith, or with aftermarket parts and accessories.

Top 10 Selling Guns of 2023

1. SIG Sauer P365

A two-time top-selling gun of the year on (2018, 2019), the SIG Sauer P365 once again topped the rankings in 2023. Expanding with the addition of the P365 XMACRO, the 9mm pistol series remains popular for concealed carry with its compact size and high capacity.

Recommended Optic: Sentinel II Micro Dot Sight

Fit with a matching RMSc footprint, we recommend direct slide mounting our second-generation Sentinel II dot sight. Redesigned with an enlarged 20mm window and reinforced hood, Sentinel II features a patented removable Rear Sight Guide, red or green 3 MOA dot reticle, 10 manual brightness settings, and Shake N’ Wake auto on/off technology. The perfect complement, the micro pairing delivers everyday carry reliability, durability, and performance in a small package.

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2. SIG Sauer P320

Last year’s top firearm, SIG Sauer also claims the second top seller with the P320. Available in numerous frame sizes and barrel lengths spanning duty use, concealed carry, and competition, the P320 and its many variants are used by military, law enforcement, and consumers alike.

Recommended Optic: Justice II Dot Sight

Bigger than its micro P365 brother, P320 RX models utilize the larger DeltaPoint Pro footprint. Though Swampfox doesn’t offer any DPP footprint optics, it’s possible to mount others using adapter plates or aftermarket slides thanks to the easy customization of the P320 FCU. Either of our Gen 2 RMR footprint dot sights would be great fits, but we’d recommend the massive 30mm window of Justice II to maximize speed and precision atop any P320 model for any use case.

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3. Mossberg 590

Moving up three spots, the Mossberg 590 was the third best-selling gun and highest-ranking long gun of 2023. A reliable classic, the pump-action shotgun is popularized for its home defense and tactical versatility, offered in three gauges with multiple stock and grip options.

Recommended Optic: Kraken Dot Sight

While the latest Mossberg 590 models feature optics-cut receivers, others sport Picatinny top rails to accommodate a wider selection of optics – such our enclosed Kraken dot sight. Paired with a low profile Picatinny rail mount, Kraken offers legendary toughness to match the tried and tested 590. Ten illumination settings and Swampfox Shake N’ Wake auto on/off ensure its closed emitter red or green 3 MOA dot is always at the ready when things go bump in the night.

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4. Ruger 10/22

Up one spot to fourth, the Ruger 10/22 remains the most popular rifle among gun consumers. Whether kid or adult, the 10/22 is the AR15 of rimfire long guns with over 60 different models from Ruger and widespread aftermarket support from stocks to receivers for plinking, varmint hunting, and competition.

Recommended Optic: Liberator II Dot Sight

A versatile gun like the venerable Ruger 10/22 deserves an equally versatile and trusted optic. Though at home atop AR-style platforms, our Liberator II dot sight makes a great addition to the AR of rimfire rifles. Using the included low-height Picatinny mount and a railed receiver model, the compact dot sight takes plinking to the next level thanks to its 22mm objective lens, 10 brightness settings, and choice of red or green 2 MOA dot or 4-in-1 red multi-reticle.

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5. Henry Big Boy Lever Action

Making the leap from 21st to fifth, the Henry Big Boy Series is proof that lever guns are making a strong comeback. Featuring timeless looks and chamberings with modern performance, the Big Boy can be had in brass and steel construction in pistol calibers from .38 Special to .45 Colt.

Recommended Optic: Raider 1x Micro Prism

Few shooting experiences are more fun than running the lever of a lever gun, and Henry makes the gold – or brass – standard. But when you’re running and gunning, you need an optic that can keep up. Compact and lightweight with a large eye box, our Raider 1x micro prism can do just that. Featuring a T-2 footprint with Picatinny interface, 20mm objective lens, and clear, glass etched and illuminated reticle, experience shooting a classic carbine with a modern prism optic.

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6. Glock 19

Though overshadowed by SIG Sauer, the Glock 19 remains a top-selling gun in 2023. Its compact frame and 15-round capacity make it ideal for inside and outside-the-waistband carry while aftermarket support reigns supreme for improved functionality, personalization, and performance.

Recommended Optic: Liberty II Dot Sight

Whether shooting a Modular Optic System (MOS) model or a custom milled slide, the compact Glock 19 would benefit from a compact optic like our second-generation Liberty II. Built on an RMR footprint, the dot sight sports a large 27mm angular window with reinforced hood, 3 MOA red or green dot or multi-reticle, 10 brightness settings, and Shake N’ Wake auto on/off. From home to the range and everywhere in between, seize your freedom with the confidence of Liberty II.

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7. Glock 43

Despite being older than the larger Glock 43X and 48, the subcompact single stack G43 maintains its place among concealed carriers. Finding its way back into GunBroker’s top 10 sellers, the Glock 43 is small but mighty with 6+1 rounds of 9mm in a pocket or IWB holster.

Recommended Optic: Sentinel II Micro Dot Sight

While seemingly every other 9mm Glock has been upgraded with MOS cuts, the G43 has been left behind. However, with a simple slide upgrade or qualified gunsmith, it too can be made optics ready for RMSc footprint red dots like our Sentinel II. With its narrow slide, our slim profile dot sight offers big performance without sacrificing carryability or concealability. Draw fast and obtain a quick sight picture with its 20mm window and manually adjusted 3 MOA red or green dot reticle.

8. CZ-USA 75

A design nearly 50 years old, the CZ 75 is still a favorite of those who prefer hammer-fired, steel frame handguns. From the classic 75 B variants to the Shadow 2, the CZ-USA pistol moves up nine spots from 2022 and claims the last handgun ranked in the top 10 selling guns of the year.

Recommended Optic: Justice II Dot Sight

While most are not optics-ready from the manufacturer, many will outfit their CZ 75s with an optic for competition by way of dovetail adapter plates or mounts that wrap around the side and sit atop the slide. To maximize speed and minimize transition time between targets, we recommend our competition-ready Justice II dot sight for the 75. Its massive 30mm window, bright illumination, and choice of 6 MOA or multi-reticle are a surefire winning combination.

9. Henry Side Gate Lever Action

Offering quick reloads and top-offs, the Henry Side Gate Lever Action Series keeps you shooting as long as your ammo lasts. Chambered in traditional lever gun calibers, like .30-30 and .45-70 Gov’t, the versatile Side Gate is at home in the field chasing medium to big game.

Recommended Optic: Warhorse 1-6x FFP LPVO

Great at short to medium distances for hunting deer, elk, moose, and bear, the Henry Side Gate and its rifle cartridges is best paired with a variable optic, like our Warhorse 1-6x FFP LPVO. Providing first focal plane (FFP) precision and seamless magnification from 1x to 6x power for taking down outlaws or four-legged foes, its 34mm tube construction, 12 illumination settings, and protected turrets make it the ideal hunting companion mounted atop your lever gun.

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10. Ruger American

An American legend, the Ruger American rounds out GunBroker’s top 10 best sellers of 2023, falling one spot. A combination of reliability, versatility, performance, and affordability, the bolt-action rifle is offered in various calibers spanning multiple barrel lengths and stock options.

Recommended Optic: Kentucky Long Precision Riflescope

From calling in ‘yotes at 100 yards in the backyard to stalking elk at 1,000 yards in the Rocky Mountains, the Ruger American is a capable rifle in just about any scenario. But a rifle is only as capable as its optic, and few are better at long-range precision than the aptly named Kentucky Long. With large objective lenses and magnification ranges from 2-12x to 5-30x, the 30mm tube riflescope series delivers exceptional glass clarity and reticle illumination to turn any hunter into a sharpshooter.

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