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Smaller and lighter than a precision riflescope with better ranging than a fixed prism optic and greater magnification than a dot sight, low power variable optics (LPVOs) are the jack-of-all-optics. Defined as having near true 1x low-end magnification up to 10x power, LPVOs combine close-quarters speed with mid-range precision for capable target shooting, hunting, tactical, and competition use.

The foundation of Swampfox Optics, the 1-6x LPVO is perhaps the most versatile magnification range available to shooters seeking a one optic solution.

1-6x LPVOs


Swampfox Arrowhead 1-6x SFP

Like bows and arrows used by natives centuries ago, Arrowhead may not be our newest LPVO but it’s still as reliable as ever. Also offered in 1-8x and 1-10x, every quiver should have a 1-6x.

Built on a second focal plane (SFP) 30mm tube with 24 objective, Arrowhead offers a wide field of view (FOV) and sharp resolution thanks to fully multi-coated lenses. Push/pull locking elevation and windage turrets with zero reset allow for on-the-fly adjustment and provide in-the-field protection while 12 brightness settings with intermittent off positions illuminate your choice of red or green Guerrilla Dot Long BDC, MOA, or MIL reticle for taking aim at in any light condition. An included throw lever fin can be attached for greater speed and control.

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Swampfox Tomahawk II 1-6x SFP

Continuing the legacy of our original riflescope, Tomahawk II exemplifies the next evolution of Swampfox LPVOs with improved optical features and performance requested by end users.

Maintaining a familiar 30mm diameter tube and 24mm objective lens with generous eye relief and superior FOV, the second-generation Tomahawk II encourages both-eyes-open shooting for seamless target tracking. A push/pull locking elevation turret with zero reset and capped windage offer precision and protection, while an additional brightness setting (12 total) only enhances the new nuclear Bright Fiber Optic (BFO) reticle in any of its four illumination colors. A standard red or green Guerrilla Dot BDC reticle is also available for 5.56 NATO/.308 Win loads.

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Swampfox Warhorse 1-6x FFP

For shooters who prefer or demand first focal plane (FFP) precision, Warhorse 1-6x is the first in our premier FFP LPVO lineup that will eventually expand to include 1-8x and 1-10x models.

Designed to optimize speed and precision, Warhorse 1-6x sports compact 34mm tube construction with a 24mm objective lens for maximum light transmission. Experience smooth magnification and edge-to-edge glass clarity from low to high power for ultimate performance, complemented by glass-etched Dragoon MOA or MIL reticles in red or green illumination. And shoot with the confidence of precise push/pull locking elevation with zero reset, protected capped windage, and versatile 12-position illumination turret.

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Legacy Series

Tomahawk 1-6x SFP

Launched in 2018, our original Tomahawk 1-6x SFP LPVO laid the foundation for our current lineup of optics. Officially moved to our Legacy Series in December 2023, some first-gen models can still be purchased from dealers and private sellers online.

At the time, Tomahawk was a category leader with glass clarity, durability, and features that punched above its price point. Also built on a 30mm tube with 24mm objective, the LPVO features zero reset elevation and windage turrets, red illumination with 11 brightness settings, and lightweight 6063 alloy construction. Tomahawk was offered with etched BDC and MOA reticles, similar to that seen in Arrowhead and newer Tomahawk II, respectively.

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Try Swampfox optics risk-free with our 30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy within 30 days, simply return the optic and exchange it for another or a full refund. Plus, all orders over $300 ship free – including all LPVOs!

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Smaller than a precision riflescope with better ranging than a fixed prism and greater magnification than a dot sight, LPVOs are jack-of-all-trades optics.


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