Swampfox Wrapped: 2023 Recap

By Joe Kriz


On the last day of the year, it’s only right we look back at the last 365 days of 2023. And while we can’t tell you how many minutes you spent at the range, how many rounds you fired, or what ‘gun town’ most closely shares your taste in firearms, we can recap the new Swampfox optics released, industry events we attended, and other notable achievements from the past year.

Here is our first Swampfox Wrapped, 2023 edition:

New Products

Raider 1x Micro Prism

A 1x20 micro prism scope, Raider boasts robust durability and expansive eye relief for fast and clear sight acquisition. Choose between glass-etched Bullet Rise Compensation (BRC) or 6 MOA dot reticles available in red or green illumination with 10 manual brightness settings. Constructed from die-cast zinc alloy with a T-2 footprint, the prism is versatile across platforms.

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Warhorse 1-6x FFP LPVO

The first of our long-awaited FFP LPVO series, Warhorse 1-6x offers smooth magnification and edge-to-edge clarity. Combining speed and precision for rapid target acquisition at any distance, the compact 34mm tube features a push/pull locking elevation turret with zero reset, capped windage turret, and 12-position illumination turret for a clear etched Dragoon MOA or MIL reticle.

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Sentinel II Micro Dot Sight

Engineered for everyday carry, the RMSc footprint Sentinel II micro dot sight features a 3 MOA dot projected on a widened 20mm lens. Installed forward of the window is a patented rear sight guide, removable and available in complete blackout or tritium. Developed in partnership with Night Fision, the guide offers a solution for optic-equipped handguns missing their rear dovetail.

For fans of Gen 1, Sentinel is now available exclusively through Optics Planet.

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Liberty II Dot Sight

Designed atop an RMR footprint, Liberty II is an all-purpose dot sight ready for inside and outside the waistband carry or offset use. Optimizing form and function, it sports a slim body with larger 24mm window and offers shooters the choice of a standard 3 MOA dot or a new, 4-in-1 multi-reticle with a single center dot, open circle, crosshairs, and combined reticle.

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Justice II Dot Sight

For shooters seeking an edge in competition, Justice II offers one of the largest pistol dot windows on the market. Also built on a universal RMR footprint, its massive 30mm lens, choice of 6 MOA dot or 4-in-1 multi-reticle, and outlasting durability are a match-winning combination as a cross-platform primary or offset optic atop handguns and sporting long guns.

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Liberator II Multi-Reticle Dot Sight

In addition to single dot models offered in red and green illumination, the new Liberator II multi-reticle variant packages three additional reticles into the compact optic for greater shooter preference and precision. Easily switch between the standard 2 MOA center dot, a quartered open circle, directional crosshairs, and a combined reticle with center dot, circle, and crosshairs.

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Look good, feel good, shoot good in one of four new Swampfox shirt designs. Embody the warfighter spirit of Francis Marion in our Militiaman tee, join the night vision goon squad in Quad Nod Bob, stand out for all the right reasons in our Camo S-Wing, or saddle up with a Warhorse shirt to match your optic. Seize your freedom and wear your support on your back in style.

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Legacy Optics

In preparation for the next generation of Swampfox optics, three of our flagship models were retired in December: the compact, cross-platform Kingslayer red dot, the light and accurate Liberator rifle dot sight, and the reliable and durable Tomahawk SFP LPVO.

Though all popular since their launch in 2018, we’re confident future generations of these optics – like Justice II and Liberator II – will continue to build on the legacy of their predecessors. For customers of Swampfox Legacy Series optics, shoot with confidence knowing your optics are still covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


GunCon 2023

Hosted at Brownells headquarters in Grinnell, Iowa, The Gun Collective’s sold out GunCon 2023 offered attendees a full schedule of firearm seminars, YouTuber and influencer panels, giveaways, and opportunities to shoot with vendors on Brownells' own private range. We covered the event from in front of and behind the camera and brought some unreleased optics for the crowd to try.

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Dragonman’s Machine Gun Shoot 2023

For the 31st year, firearm enthusiasts gathered outside Colorado Springs for a weekend of full-auto shooting and explosions at Dragonman's Annual Machine Gun Shoot & Industry Range Day. One of two dozen vendors, we set up on the firing line with a full arsenal of Swampfox optics for two days of nonstop fun. We also got a tour of Dragonman’s renowned Military Museum by the man himself.

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Rocky Mountain Range Day 2023

Back at Dragonman's, we hosted our 2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Range Day for manufacturers, local partners, and influencers to showcase products, collaborate, and build relationships. The event featured a stop the bleed demonstration from Dark Angel Medical, a G9 ballistic meat test, a joy ride in the Moeguns Tactical Polaris MRZR, and a full day of shooting with Swampfox optic-topped firearms.

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And if you think this was a lot for one year, just wait and see what we have planned for 2024. Happy New Year’s from Swampfox!