At Swampfox Optics, our unwavering commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction underpins every product we create. Our products are designed to stand the test of time, and as a testament to our confidence in their quality, we back them with a robust warranty policy. We wholeheartedly believe in standing by what we sell, and to that end, we assure you that our dedicated customer support team is always available to help if any issues arise. This is more than a policy—it's our promise to you.


From the moment you receive your Swampfox product, you have a full 30 days to inspect it and make sure you are happy with it prior to putting it through extensive use. If you're not entirely satisfied with the quality or features within this period, and are having some buyer’s remorse, we welcome your return for a full refund or an exchange for a product of equal value. For example, if you are to purchase an optic with auto brightness and decide you would prefer manual brightness, you have the 30-day window to make this exchange. Any returns or exchanges beyond this window apply strictly to defective products. If you purchase your optic from an alternative seller, we will not be able to provide a direct refund, but can provide an exchange for a product of equal value or provide a credit for use on our website, so long as the proof of purchase is provided.


Your Swampfox product carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and material flaws, covering structural housing and glass- everything but the illumination/electronic system. If it suffers damage under normal use that hampers its performance, we commit to repair or replace it.


The illumination/electronic system of your Swampfox product is warrantied for 10 years from the manufacturing date. We track this using the provided serial number. Printed circuit boards, LED’s, and consumer electronics are simply not designed to last a lifetime—hence, this aspect of the warranty lasts for ten years.


To make things easy and convenient for you, no warranty registration is necessary. We only require the serial number listed on the optic and your order number, or your proof of purchase from the third party seller you purchased from.


Should your returned product be out of production, we reserve the right to substitute it with a similar product of equal value.


Product trade-ins from older to newer generations are not permitted unless there is an official recall of the older generation product. If you are outside your 30-day window of purchasing a product, we will not be able to exchange it for a newer item. If your original generation product is proven to be defective, we will exchange it for the same item, If that product is no longer available we will provide a credit for you to purchase any alternate item you wish.


We will provide a shipping label for any RMA return product within 60 days of purchase. For RMA returns outside of the 60 days, you will be responsible for shipping the item back to Swampfox. Swampfox will cover all shipping of the exchanged item from Swampfox back to you within 1 year of purchase. After 1 year of purchase, you will also be responsible for all shipping costs for the exchange item back to you.

If you did not purchase your product directly from Swampfox, you will be responsible for shipping costs for RMA return unit and the replacement item sent back to you.


Please note, our warranty doesn't cover intentional or cosmetic damage, or loss or theft. Normal wear and tear are also not covered unless it affects functionality and inhibits further use of the product.


Your warranty will be voided if any modifications or maintenance are carried out by individuals or entities outside of Swampfox. Please reach out to our support team immediately if you suspect any issues with your Swampfox product. Be aware that any potential defect caused by aftermarket finishing will also void your warranty.


For warranty claims outside the United States, please contact the authorized dealer you originally purchased from for their specific process. Shipping charges may apply.


Our warranty policy is designed for consumer use, with US Law Enforcement and Military applications covered for a 5-year warranty period, unless individual contract terms specify otherwise. International Law Enforcement and Military warranty information is based solely on individual contract terms.


Always make sure you're purchasing from an authorized Swampfox seller to ensure proper service and quality of our products. If you're unsure, our support team is here to confirm seller legitimacy before you make your purchase. We are actively working to remove unauthorized sellers and advise caution when buying products from them. Counterfeit Swampfox products are not covered by the warranty. If you received a counterfeit product from an unauthorized seller, you would need to return that product to the direct seller.

In everything we do, we seek to provide you with products that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Trust in Swampfox Optics—a company that stands resolutely behind its products and customers.


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