Build of the Month

Build of the Month: Azrael Sharpshooter

By Alex Fanning


Known as the God of Death in popular religions and often associated with the Grim Reaper, Azrael is responsible for transporting the souls of the deceased after their death. The name even translates to ‘Angel of God’ or ‘Help from God’ in Hebrew. But while Grim normally carries a scythe, he may consider swapping it out for a modern precision bolt-action rifle after seeing this month’s build.


U.S Arms Company Azrael

Regarded as one of the nation’s top manufacturers of precision firearms, the U.S. Arms Co. Azrael is a lightweight, accurate, and durable rifle system and the soul of this build. Modeled on a proprietary Remington 700 clone receiver with six-lug bolt and integrated bolt release, the CNC machined 416 stainless steel short action is designed for precision and strength, reflected in its 50-plus Rockwell hardness rating. The receiver is matched with a 24” barrel featuring a Shilen #6 profile for guaranteed 3/4 MOA or better accuracy and houses a single stage TriggerTech trigger. Offered in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester, we selected the latter for this build.

Housing the barreled action is an MDT XRS Chassis, all finished in a custom camo Cerakote. Combining the fit and feel of a traditional shaped rifle stock with the benefits of a modern precision rifle system, the MDT chassis offers an adjustable cheek rest and length of pull, interchangeable vertical and angled grips, an M-Lok compatible forend, dual rear QD sling mounts, and an ambidextrous magazine release with AICS magazine compatibility. Altogether, the rifle comes in just under 11 pounds on the scale before optics and accessories – lightweight for an angel used to carrying the weight of death.


Swampfox Kentucky Long 4-24x50

To further enhance the Azrael's long-range capabilities, we topped the rifle with our precision Kentucky Long 4-24x50 riflescope. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, the 30mm tube KL series is both durable and reliable, shock-resistant to large calibers and repeated abuse. Its superior glass quality and specialty lens coatings ensure clear visibility throughout its magnification range for precision targeting while its adjustable brightness and included throw lever fins and sunshade allow shooters to quickly adapt to any scenario and lighting condition.

Looking through the optic, a red illuminated Sharpshooter MOA reticle displays a detailed windage and elevation tree for accurate calculations on the fly. The included 1 MOA holdover grid compensates for both bullet drop and wind conditions without the need to physically adjust the scope’s target turrets.

Milled from 7075 aluminum, lovw 1.10” centerline height Swampfox Freedom Rings offer dependable and cost-effective stability for the optic with just the right amount of clearance over the receiver and barrel.



Described as quiet, peaceful, and composed, it was only right we armed Azrael with a suppressor to do his work. Fully DLMS printed from Grade 5 Titanium, we selected the HUXWRX FLOW 762 Ti for its superior Flow-Through sound suppression and back pressure reducing technology. Despite being compact and lightweight at 11.8 oz., the can provides advanced bolt-action performance without sacrificing durability or functionality. Mounted with a QD muzzle device, the can is adaptable for 5.56, 6.5, and 7.62 calibers and is full-auto rated – though not necessary on this build.


No rifle build is complete without accessories, but we intentionally kept this one to a minimum. Though best shot off the featured Two Vets tripod (see more below), we also added a Magpul bipod for practical on-the-go versatility. Made from 6061 T-6 aluminum and polymer, the bipod extends from 6.8" to 10.3" with quick tilt and pan adjustment for optimal positioning critical for precision across varied terrains.

And for a better grip when reloading, we wrapped the wide AICS magazine in black GOON Raid Tape – Azrael’s favorite color.


Two Vets No Name V2

The only thing more stable than a bipod is a tripod, and the Two Vets No Name V2 is one the best. An evolution of their popular Recon V2 tripod, the latest iteration of the No Name features a more compact center section to reduce its overall diameter. With a deployed height of 65.5” and paired with a 55mm dual tension ballhead with major and minor adjustment knobs, the tripod presents the Azrael at the perfect level with precision framing for shots on target.

Attaching the bolt gun to the tripod is a Leofoto GS-1 ARCA-compatible adapter securely latched to a Picatinny/ARCA rail section.

Why We Like It

A tack driver on its own, the Azrael Sharpshooter takes the precision platform to a heavenly level. The U.S. Arms Co. bolt-action is deadly accurate and repeatedly reliable, with the paired Kentucky Long riflescope making 700-yard shots effortless. Using both the Magpul bipod and Two Vets tripod, we found stability in various shooting positions, and the HUXWRX suppressor made extended shooting more enjoyable. Altogether, this build didn't just meet our expectations for a long-range rifle, it exceeded them, making every shot a testament to its refined capabilities.

Build List

U.S. Arms Azreal Bolt-Action Rifle, .308 Win

Swampfox Kentucky Long 4-24x50 Precision Riflescope

Swampfox Freedom Rings, Low 1.10”

HUXWRX Flow 762 Ti Suppressor

Magpul Bipod, M-LOK

Two Vets Tripods No Name V2 with Leg Stopper

Two Vets Tripods Dual Tension ARCA Ballhead, 55mm

Leofoto USA GS-1 NATO-DVTL Picatinny/ARCA Rifle Mount

GOON Raid Tape