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EDC Loadout: Grey Man Glock 19

By Joe Kriz


Around the Swampfox office watercooler, everyday carry is a, well, everyday conversation. From personal carry rigs to new products from partners around the industry, there’s always guns and gear laying around. And we spend just as much time shooting behind the trigger as we do the camera.

To showcase some of our favorite everyday carry guns, optics, and gear, we asked the team to put together an EDC loadout in what we hope will become a regular feature here on the blog. Keep in mind, what we like and works for us may not be your choice or work for you. Everyday carry is personal and subjective.

Grey Man Glock 19

Equipped, but unassuming, the premise behind the gray man theory is to maintain situational awareness and preparedness while blending into the crowd. It’s also the inspiration for our first EDC dump.

Headlining is a Glock 19 Gen 5, milled and topped with our new Liberty II dot sight. Probably the most popular gun around town (and the world), the G19 is compact in both directions and packs 15 rounds of 9mm – Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain, in this case. Mounted directly to the MOS slide, the RMR footprint Liberty II features a new body design with larger, reinforced 24mm window, Shake N’ Wake auto on/off, and choice of a 3 MOA dot or 4-in-1 multi-reticle. To cowitness with the optic, tritium Stealth iron sights were installed from Night Fision.

On the draw, a Radian Gen 5 AFTERBURNER compensator and RAMJET barrel combo is revealed to decrease recoil and muzzle flip by 40% for quicker follow up shots on target. All of this, including a spare magazine for 31 total rounds, is carried in a Shadow AIWB holster from the aptly named Grey Man Solutions in our custom Swampfox color and pattern – just a $15 upgrade.

Of course, no EDC dump is complete without the accoutrements. In one pocket, a 3.42” blade Spyderco Para Military 2 offers backup protection and a durable cutting edge, while a 40,000 Candela/1700 Lumen MCH-EDC flashlight from Cloud Defensive provides light and positive target identification in the other. And because you are often your own first responder, a Gen 7 CAT Resources tourniquet from our friends at Dark Angel Medical is thrown in our bag anywhere we go.

Whether you’re a grey man or an everyman, this EDC dump is a simple solution for protection and preparedness for anyone.