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EDC Loadout: Man in Black

By Joe Kriz


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If you’re old enough to remember the 1997 movie, Men in Black, Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K) and Will Smith (Agent J) star as secret police responsible for monitoring aliens and erasing the memories of civilians who witness their activities.

One of the most memorable features of MIB agents is their dark sunglasses. Though practical to protect their eyes from memory neutralizer rays, they also objectively looked cool. So, when Swampfox media team member, Doug, volunteered his personal carry rig for this EDC Loadout, his black shades instantly reminded us of the classic film.

From the Grey Man Glock 19 to the Man in Black.

Agent D EDC


The Men in Black story starts at the Mexican-U.S. border where Agent K and Agent D interrupt a border patrol sting, shooting an alien in disguise. By sheer coincidence, the full-size Glock 47 MOS our Agent D (Doug) carries was originally developed for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in 2019.

For those not up to date on your Glock models, the 47 MOS is a modern take on the G17 with a compact G19 dust cover. Dimensionally identical to the G17 Gen 5, the 47 frame allows the use of both G17 and G19 Gen5 slides for agents who prefer a shorter profile. Agent D, however, prefers the full-size 17 slide to take on any size alien imposter.

The 47 MOS is equipped with the usual Glock Gen5 MOS accoutrements, including a finger groove-less grip, flared magazine well, ambidextrous slide stop, smoother trigger, and Modular Optic System (MOS) cut slide.


Glock Gen5 models also feature an improved Glock Marksman Barrel, but it wasn’t enough for Agent D. Instead, the GMB has been swapped with the new Radian Weapons RAMJET Barrel and AFTERBURNER Compensator combo for G17/47/49 models.

Previously only available for Glock 19 Gen3-5, the combo expands unprecedented recoil reduction and match grade accuracy to larger 9mm Glock models for a flatter shooting experience and faster follow-up shots on extraterrestrial targets. A threadless design machined from hardened stainless steel, the AFTERBURNER Compensator hugs the curves of the G47 slide for a seamless fit and feel.

Mounted under the barrel is a SureFire X300U weapon light. Packing 1,000 lumens and over 11,000 candelas, the X-300U is bright enough to illuminate the darkest corners of the universe while ambidextrous push/toggle switches allow for one-handed activation and interrogation.


Unlike older agents still relying on iron sights, Agent D carries optics-ready thanks to his MOS configured slide. Designed for the versatile RMR footprint, a Swampfox Liberty II red dot with 24mm lens and 4-in-1 multi-reticle provides seamless UFO-tracking with personalized precision.

Choose from a 3 MOA center dot, four crosshairs, quartered circle, or combination of all four reticles depending on alien threat. Ten manual brightness settings are powered by a top-load CR1632 battery with Shake N’ Wake anytime readiness for when intergalactic duty calls. A reinforced hood design protects the lens and optic from damage during first contact.


Discretely carrying it all is a Tier 1 Concealed AXIS ELITE holster. Customized for the G47, SureFire light, and Swampfox optic with extended spare magazine carrier, the all-black Kydex holster is contoured for comfortable appendix carry.

Shock cord allows the holster to flex when moving or getting out of vehicles with EZ Adjust Clips offering an adjustable ride height for deep concealment when civilian discretion is needed.

Though Agent D’s Glock 47 serves as his primary defense, a good agent always carries a secondary weapon. Like the aliens they chase, the aluminum CRKT Provoke karambit morphs from a compact 5” to 7.25” when extended with futuristic Kinematic technology, revealing a curved D2 steel, plain edge blade. An optional sheath allows for belted carry.

And, of course, no MIB Agent loadout is complete without protective shades. A pair of Goodr A Ginger’s Soul sunglasses with black polarized lenses and no-slip frame complete the look with UV-protection and style.

Now if you'll just look right here...

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