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Gypsy Tech: WRMFZY ZEV OZ9

By Joe Kriz


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The firearms industry is changing. Not just in the technology we’re shooting, but who is behind the trigger – specifically, younger shooters. Putting down controllers and picking up real guns, shooters are trending younger and influencing what manufacturers bring to market. One recent example is the WRMFZY ZEV OZ9, nicknamed “OZDOOM.”

Advancing firearms since 2005, ZEV Technologies has grown out of a small living room producing drop-in Glock triggers to manufacturing complete handguns and rifles in a state-of-the-art facility in Washington state. Newer on the scene, WRMFZY (Warm and Fuzzy) is a hype brand founded in 2016 known for designing apparel, patches, and swag while also collaborating with the likes of Noveske Rifleworks, Sangin Instruments, TXC Holsters, and others. Putting their precision engineering and creative minds together again, the two brands launched the limited-run OZDOOM with performance to match its looks.

With only a few handfuls made and priced at three racks, they sold out in less than a day. But not before we grabbed one for ourselves.



Though based off the ZEV OZ9 V2 Elite Hyper Comp launched last year, the OZDOOM is more than a modified pistol or Glock clone.

The full-size polymer frame has been replaced with a single-piece machined 7075-T6 aluminum grip module finished in a flat dark earth and capped with a black flared magwell. A swooping beavertail complements a reduced grip profile for enhanced ergonomics that allow for a higher purchase. Tungsten rods inserted behind the magazine channel add extra weight to further counter and manage recoil. Without a magazine or optic, the pistol weighs in just over 30 oz.

Forward, material was built up around the slide release to prevent accidental manipulation and removed to form an undercut trigger guard that won’t Glock your knuckle. Integrated honeycomb-pattern grip panels and checkered front and backstraps ensure a grip that sticks when shooting, while knurling along each side provide textured reference points for your thumb and trigger finger when not. A black dust cover separate from the frame adds a Picatinny rail section for optional accessory mounting.

Atop the frame, a black slide sports a custom comb-like/letter H pattern design as front and rear serrations that wrap a beveled top edge. The slide is milled for direct mounting an RMR footprint red dot and comes with blacked out front and rear iron sights. But the real juice is up front. A unique top channel extends back from the muzzle to make room for a raised barrel section with four vertical ports. Integrated into top of the matched FDE barrel with the pinned front sight, the vents allow gases to escape upward, reducing muzzle rise for a flat and fast experience. WRMFZY’s four-eyed gypsy adds extra style between the channel and ejection port, with a laser-etched four-eyed MF Doom hiding under the barrel – thus, the project’s OZDOOM name.


Operating the pistol is accomplished by way of a crisp and clean ZEV PRO Flat Face Trigger with FDE center blade and a reversible black magazine release with honeycomb texture to match the frame.

Not stopping at the gun, the WRMFZY ZEV OZ9 “OZDOOM” ships in a tan NANUK 909 hard case with a combined ZEV and WRMFZY gypsy logo printed on top. Inside, the foam has been laser cut for the pistol, with room to accommodate a mounted optic and the two provided extended magazines.

Swampfox Liberty II


Though the OZDOOM may be too big or heavy for most to conceal carry, we couldn’t relegate it to range use. But, to aid concealment, we opted to mount our Liberty II dot sight to the RMR footprint slide. With its 27mm angular lens slightly smaller than that of our larger Justice II (30mm), the second-gen red dot maximizes window size without being obtrusive.

Having completely redesigned the Gen 1 model, Liberty II wears a sleek and modern body that fits the OZDOOM vibe. A larger and reinforced window better protect the optic from drops, bumps, and surface racking, while separated brightness buttons, upgraded internals, and Shake N’ Wake auto on/off allow for a brighter reticle and more user-friendly control of illumination and battery life. Speaking of which, Liberty II is available with either a red or green 3 MOA dot or our new 4-in-1 multi-reticle with options for the same 3 MOA dot in addition to a broken circle, crosshairs, and combined reticle.

Shop Swampfox Liberty II

Surefire X300T


If we’re going to carry the OZ9, it’s going to need a weapon light – and Surefire is our go-to. Turning the drip up to Turbo, the 650 lumen-66,000 candela X300T is a tightly focused, far-reaching light with ambidextrous controls and durability you can trust.

When gripping the OZDOOM with our support thumb rested on the forward frame knurling, dropping down to activate the light was easy with one smooth motion. And when shooting in low light conditions, the X300T produced more than enough illumination to get hits on target at 25 yards and beyond. Its weight further helped balance the pistol and complete the two-tone look.

Why We Like It


The WRMFZY ZEV OZDOOM wasn’t cheap, but that’s not why we like it. From the custom aluminum frame to the optic cut slide and ported barrel, the pistol showcases the quality and performance ZEV Technologies is known for with the new age swagger of WRMFZY.

The OZ9 is equipped with precision features while also maintaining Glock compatibility and plays well with popular RMR optics and accessories. Shooting the OZDOOM is beyond fun with its weighted grip and the Hyper Comp barrel – both of which keep the gun shooting flat and on target through recoil. The trigger is fast and smooth with a positive reset after each shot, and the added magwell allowed us to reload and keep shooting with ease. The only downside is more shooters not being able to experience it.


A custom pistol so hot we couldn’t handle squeezing every photo of it into this review, view our full photo gallery for a closer look at the WRMFZY ZEV OZ9.

View WRMFZY ZEV OZ9 Gallery

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