Swampfox RMR Footprint Optics

By Joe Kriz


Widely considered the industry mounting standard for double stack optic-ready handguns, the Trijicon-designed RMR footprint is currently used by over 40 red dots from nearly 20 manufacturers – including Swampfox. Offering a secure connection and cross-platform versatility, the RMR is our chosen footprint for full-size pistol dot sights.

Swampfox currently offers three RMR footprint optics, as well as multiple RMR footprint mounts to accommodate primary and secondary red dot shooting.

RMR Footprint Optics

Swampfox Liberty II

Maintaining an RMR footprint, the second-generation Swampfox Liberty II is an all-purpose red dot sight ready for inside and outside the waistband carry or offset use.

Optimizing form and function, Liberty II sports a compact body despite an enlarged 24mm wide window and enhanced hood reinforcement. Shooters have the choice of a standard 3 MOA red or green dot or a new, 4-in-1 red multi-reticle with a single 3 MOA center dot, open circle, crosshairs, and combined reticle. A top load CR1632 battery and Swampfox Shake N’ Wake auto on/off technology provide up to 50,000 hours of run time for everyday carry and beyond.

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Swampfox Justice II

Built with an RMR footprint for ultimate mounting versatility across competition handguns, AR15 platforms, sporting shotguns, and pistol caliber carbines, Swampfox Justice II was engineered to win.

Featuring our largest dot sight window yet, its massive 30mm corner-to-corner lens is recessed and reinforced for protection against shooting barriers and challenges of competition. Available with the choice of a 6 MOA red/green dot or a new red multi-reticle with ten manual brightness settings and Shake N’ Wake, Justice II is currently the largest window dot sight on the market offered with green illumination and a multi-reticle.

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Swampfox Kraken

Though designed with a proprietary footprint, Swampfox Kraken ships with an RMR adapter plate that interfaces with side-mounted torque screws for a secure connection. The optic and plate can then be mounted to any standard RMR footprint slide, riser, or offset.

Combined with durable 7075 aluminum construction and an independent inner tube, Kraken is a rugged multi-platform enclosed dot sight. A 16mm square window provides ample visibility of a 3 MOA red or green dot with ten manual brightness settings for shooting in any light condition, while Shake N’ Wake ensures anytime readiness and extends runtime of a CR2032 battery.

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Legacy Series

Founded in 2018, various Swampfox optics have since been retired to our Legacy Series. No longer in production or enhanced with second-generation models, these optics can still be purchased from us and/or other online dealers.

Swampfox Kingslayer

Our first pistol dot sight, Swampfox Kingslayer is a compact reflex sight with RMR footprint and 22mm window. Available with a 3 MOA red dot or red/green circle dot and ten manual brightness settings, its wide window and included low-profile Picatinny mount allow for rapid target acquisition atop full-size handguns and field shotguns for competition and hunting use.

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Swampfox Liberty / Justice (Gen 1)

Slimmed down versions of Kingslayer, first-generation Swampfox Liberty and Justice offer everyday carry and competition versatility with RMR footprints and 22mm and 27mm windows, respectively. Both dot sights are available with red/green 3 MOA dots, ten manual brightness settings, and Shake N’ Wake auto on/off technology in 7075 aluminum constructions.

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RMR Footprint Mounts

In addition to optics, Swampfox also manufacturers optic mounts with RMR footprint adapters to elevate or offset red dots for multi-platform shooting. Mounts are outfitted with standard RMR footprints to fit Swampfox optics and others.

Dot Sight Mounts

While primarily used on handguns, red dots can also be mounted to large platform firearms, like AR and AK-style rifles and pistols, PCCs, and modified shotguns. To accommodate these gun owners, Swampfox offers a direct Picatinny Mount and adjustable 1.6" lower third cowitness/1.4" absolute cowitness Rebel Riser with RMR footprints that interface with standard Picatinny rails.

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Riflescope Offset Mounts

When not used as a primary optic, dot sights can also pair with LPVOs and medium power variable optics (MPVOs) for rapid close-quarters engagements at true 1x magnification. Swampfox Hostile Engagement Rings and cantilever mounts maximize receiver real estate with four, integrated 45-degree RMR footprint ring mounts for left and right offsetting, while our reversible 45-degree Rebel Offset attaches to Picatinny receivers for low-profile mounting RMR footprint red dots forward or behind your scope.

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